Halloween is right around the corner and the Ghosts are out to go scaring! This delightful book by Chrissy Bozik can be sung or spoken to your child (we love the idea of singing it). The tune of The Ants Go Marching is recommended, which is perfect for young children who are learning new words through repetition and music.

Your child will see the ghosts multiply page by page going up to the number ten. Each ghost is dressed up for Halloween as they go trick or treating and causing silliness every step they float.

Illustrator Patricia Storms has vibrant pictures of these not so scary ghosts who are ready for a perfect spooktacular Halloween night!

Your young child will fall in love with this book, its pictures and the fun song they will quickly learn to sing a long to. What is each ghost dressed up as for Halloween? What kind of spooky things do you see in the background? There are so many ways to keep your child engaged in The Ghosts Go Scaring.

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