100 Animals Book Review


100 Animals Book Review- Learn all about over 100 animals from the 100 Animals Book by Leap Frog. What an exciting interactive book for children 18 months plus.


Bilingual Play For Everyone To Enjoy


100 Animals is so much fun in two languages! Your toddler will learn how to say over 100 animals names in both English and French. Practice French early with this fun and interactive book. Don’t be surprised how quickly your child is catching on to a second language.


Core Learning Skills

animal sounds in 2 languages!

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You can expect your child to develop and hone in on a number of learning skills that are going to help them with their learning and communication skills. These include:


Animal Names

Habitats of Animals

Animal Sounds


In both English and French!

Do I Have To Speak French in Order To Help My Child?

Your child will be completely comfortable learning French from 100 Animals Book and will not need you to speak French fluently to help them at all! The voices and text are so clear that your child will not only learn the French names for animals but master a beautiful French accent. This will help your child work on their listening and memory recollection skills.


Animal sounds English et Francais

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100 Animals Book has two volume choices and a and on/off switch which is easy to find and press. The English and French switch is easy to access and use.


The Light Up Star Button has three adorable bilingual songs that are so catchy, your child will be learning each song in both languages in no time.


Learn about the French and English names for each animal.



Learn The different places animals live (The Farm or in the Savanna) and which animals live there. There are twelve different categories to learn!


When your child presses on an animal, they can hear the animals sound and learn the name of the name of the animal that they are interested in.


There are three interactive switches to help your child learn! The Story switch which gives them facts, the magnifying glass that allows children to learn more and the listening button that allows them to learn more.


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