If You Cry Like A Fountain- A humorous book about crying geared to your little ones and early readers. Everyone is crying in this book! Little worm finds that as his friends cry for various reasons, other things start to happen.

When little worm begins to cry, the narrator thinks this could be a disaster. Tears are everywhere, so much so that the book begins to flood! However, we see that as the worm cries, he learns that his friends come. He can sunbathe on top of his crocodile friend or float with his duck friend.

We learn about other animals and their tears and how the tears become something else.

This Book Teaches

Many of your younger readers may not understand why they are crying and society tells us to often times stop crying. However, this book gives humorous anecdotes when you do allow yourself to cry. Young readers will know that it is okay to cry and to think of the brighter side. Though it is not explained why each character is crying, you do see the character’s tears become a part of a bigger healing scene.

Tundra Books publishes a story new from Noemi Vola about those who cry and learn that tears help the healing process. “crying also helps put out small fires. And sometimes even big ones”. How true this is!

Extra Credit

Ask your young readers to draw a picture or write a story about someone who does cry. What happens to the tears around them? Look at their pictures to see how their character interacts with their tears.

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